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Under the brand name of Lyzene, Amass Hygiene Wash Care Products Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2019. It is a “Home Appliances accessories & additives” company. The company was started completely on personal finances than outside investments. Apart from catering to customers in Delhi it has spread out to all major cities of India with a dealer & distributor network of more than 1000. "Also we have started exporting to nearby countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Lyzene has a wide range of products including liquid detergent, Washing machine cleaner, refrigerator disinfectant, AC coil cleaner, adhesive, washing machine cover, washing machine anti-vibration pad and several others. Also the company deals in many accessories and spare parts.

The two most sought-after products in this list are descale and liquid detergent. Lyzene advance liquid descale removes all types of lime scale, bacteria as well as acts as an excellent rust remover. It keeps the washing machine sanitized and addresses the hygiene issue as well. Lyzene Advanced Descale Powder is also very beneficial and available in 150 gram punches. The next popular product is the liquid detergent. This is pocket friendly, not harsh on the cloth, ensures the color and texture of the fabric, easy to use and has a good fragrance.

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